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Functional medicine

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Get to the root of the problem

Are you obtaining many diagnostic studies and tests that show normal results, but you still don’t feel well?All symptoms of disease or other conditions have root cause somewhere in the body. Traditional medicine uses medication to mask and relieve symptoms without taking time to look at the true root cause. Functional medicine is an approach to healthcare that does not rely on the use of many medications. It looks deeper into the root cause of a disease with a goal of discovering the root cause to alleviate the symptoms. Functional Medicine looks at the “Why” of your condition and gives you control over your health. It looks at the body as a whole, physical and emotional, to see where you have deficiencies or need different support.We help you change in habits and adjust nutritional components in your diet, to help resolve the problem that may be the cause of your symptoms. We often combine Functional Medicine with Energy Management/Healing. It’s the best way for doctors and patients to work together.

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